Corzo Tequila Launch Party

San Diego


180 Promotions was asked to create an event that would generate excitement around the Corzo brand and build local buzz within the on-premise community in San Diego. We created an invitation-only event that leveraged unique décor and imagery to deliver a total Corzo brand experience.

Our Corzo Art Gallery depicted the Corzo development process and costumed guides escorted individuals through the entire experience, educating them along the way. Hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, hand-rolled sushi, a live DJ and a large tequila waterfall ice sculpture were a few of the key elements. A sleekly designed backbar, art-inspired billboards and video imagery set the stage for Corzo’s introduction to the market. We even hired local Gaslamp bartenders to develop specialty Corzo cocktails.

The event was a smashing success, hitting capacity within the first 45 minutes with a continuous line throughout the night. Local press coverage (944 Magazine) provided the perfect icing on the cake for our client. Throughout the evening, more than 16 cases of Corzo Silver and 14 cases of Corzo Reposado were sampled.


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