Flo Premium Spring Water

FloBowl Tour

Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Las Vegas


180 Promotions was pleased to design, develop and execute the Flo Premium Spring Water event tour series FloBowl07. The FloBowl event series began in Chicago in 2006, and with its success extended to five other U.S. markets in 2007. This industry event was like no other: It delivered a level of excitement and competition to the nightlife industry that has never been seen before — and in, of all places, bowling allies.

The tour’s objective was to target the restaurant and nightlife community on the education of Flo Premium Spring Water. Special event-promotion tools were developed for 180 field agents and Flo sales reps to engage decision makers, to build brand awareness and to ultimately sell Flo Premium Spring Water. Pre-promotional tools included fliers, invites, branded bowling pins, and an interactive website. Promotion was a knock-down success with our RSVP lists filled quickly with more than 100 RSVP teams per market and solid attendance of over 400 per event. RSVP/event rate was also impressive with a 65 percent attendance rate compared to the industry standard of 30 percent.

The FloBowl events mirrored each other regardless of location. There was no mistaking that Flo Premium Spring Water was responsible for the night’s festivities. Guests enjoyed delectable treats, hosted bar, live renowned DJs and, of course, the star: Flo Premium Spring Water. Once the event concluded it was clear that everyone had been touched by Flo Premium Spring Water, and now it was up to the Flo sales team to leverage their new relationships and translate the successful event into sales.


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