Anheusher Bush LandShark Lager

LandShark House

Put-in-bay Ohio


180 Promotions was asked to create a unique Landshark Resort destination in the heart of Put-in-Bay Ohio to support the Landshark brand launch. House was a living billboard for guests to personally experience and for 2 Million visitors to see. The destination became so sought after that the Landshark house became a stop on the trolley tour!

While 180 managed every aspect of the house. KAMs were invited to offer the resort destination program to reward retailers/RAM’s/DM’s for volume, display, distribution goals set forth by teams to drive Land Shark focus and volume over the summer months of 2008. Landshark guests bonded with AB teams and 180 hosts making long lasting memories for years to come.

I put together an overall Landshark sales volume incentive for my 7 wholesaler district for the month of July with the winning wholesaler going to the Landshark House to party for a weekend. I have put together many incentives, most of which are tickets to sporting events, etc. and the Landshark house definitely created the most buzz with the front line sales teams and motivated them to sell the brand. With all the brands that the sales reps have to sell these days, it is really important to find an incentive that is big and exciting enough to get them motivated to sell – the Landshark House did exactly that. The house was excellent in every way and had everything you would ever want to entertain customers!  From the grill and bar on the back porch and the fully stocked refrigerator and margarita machine to the nintendo wii and the 2 golf carts – it was an absolute blast! Thank you and your team for coordinating such a fabulous opportunity!
Tony Stefanek – Anheuser Busch


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