Saturn Sky Series

Redline Your Life

Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA



Saturn Recap

Two-month buzz building campaign for the Saturn SKY Series (July through Aug)

Program focused on Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA areas. “Redline Your Life” theme positioned the SKY series as a high performance, active lifestyle brand

The experiential marketing program leveraged the “Redline Your Life” theme across multiple campaign elements – events, street teams, stunting, rewards program with local establishment and premiums giveaways. Events and level of involvement were determined based on key criteria (e.g. demographics, timing, event participation, activation opportunities, etc.)

Team identified nearby venues to partner with and offer consumer discounts while giving our teams access to their customers

1. Branded graphics were projected on targeted buildings in the area to build buzz, convey Saturn messaging and drive awareness

2. Professional sand sculptors created life-size versions of the Saturn SKY at the highest traffic area of Virginia Beach

3. Area also included the Redline Oasis, an installation containing: flags/tenting, chairs, water, and vehicle information

4. Cruising was executed to generate buzz/curiosity about the Saturn. Our team of ambassadors engaged consumers by cruising with 10-15 Saturn vehicles down busy streets such as Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach

Street Teams were utilized to complete the following:

  • BRC Collection/ Lead Generation
  • Identify qualified leads
  • Engage consumers
  • Promote and distribute “Redline Your Life” rewards program materials
  • ducate consumers and encourage interaction with the vehicles and
    promotional items

Overall, the Saturn Blitz Marketing Partner program was a tremendous success. Our partners each enjoyed an increase in business due to the promotion. They received a great deal of brand building by having their names associated with Saturn and mentioned at events all over their communities for 8 weeks. On Saturn’s behalf the program gave the promotion a local flavor and a benefit to potential consumers who took the time to fill out a BRC and interact with the Saturn vehicles.


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