Greenlight District




Grolsch National Programming targeted samplings at gallery events, but RMs wondered how it would translate to on-premise sales. 180 Promotions was given the task to translate national initiatives into local success by designing local programming that sales reps could leverage into new account acquisitions. The following program elements included:

Green Light District Event Series
GLD event series revolved around identifying the brand with emerging artists and local galleries. The series featured locally designed art installations by the FLUXCORE Group, a non-profit organization that supports all that is local art. Green Light District events were sold in desired accounts with a case purchase of Grolsch. Sales reps immediately saw case sales grow and built new relationships with accounts to sell even more product after the event concluded.

Office Samplings
180 Promotions identified Chicago creative agency departments to host Grolsch Creative Fridays. The series of sampling events saluted the working woman/man in the creative field. Grolsch-commissioned art from the GLD program was featured in the conference rooms, and local upcoming GLD promotions were touted to the distinguished crowd as attendees enjoyed Grolsch.
The brand was able to identify with career artists, build brand awareness and show support of the art community to pull on attendee strings to make the right decision to self-purchase Grolsch.

Trend Influencer Program
Art Influencers were identified via street teams and asked to take part in the program in return for a bi-monthly supply of product. Influencers were asked to distribute samples to friends by serving Grolsch in social and entertainment gatherings as well to visit seven to 12 local bar/retail locations and call out for the product (Trend Influencers purchased the product when available). The ask lists were submitted to brand sales team for sales follow-up.

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